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Ercoupe owners Skyport Services is open for business in Middletown Ohio Hook Field KMWO. We are located within the FBO building/hanger. SKYPORT SERVICES WWW.ERCOUPEPARTS.COM 1-800-624-5312 1-513-217-6555 2010/2011 About the Cover Our heartfelt thanks goes to Bill Coons for providing the cover art for this 2010-2011 edition of the Skyport Services catalog. Approved Models: Ercoupe Model 415-C, CD, D, E, and G STC SA2628WE Includes Documentation and the Following PMA'd Items; Fuel Pump, Fuel Pressure Switch, Miscellaneous Items required to accomplish the fuel system modification.

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Jawwy is an stc mobile plan so customers get to use the wide 4G network. Share your plan across devices. Using the Jawwy Community. buying through Google Play. Connecting to STC WiFi.

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Ercoupe Owners Club for owners of Ercoupes, Forneys, Alons and Mooney M10's. Ercoupe Owners Club. More shirts for sale! 2019 National Convention T-Shirts, straight from Knoxville, Iowa.FAA-PMA parts for Cessna, Piper, Grumman, and Beechcraft aircraft. Products include cables, engine controls, steering rods, seat rails, engine controls, rudder pedals and many more airframe parts.

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The C85/O-200 lifter will physically fit and work in the A-65 application, but is not legally approved in certificated engines. There is, in fact an STC'd replacement for the A-65 lifter which is simply a C-85/O-200 lifter with the tappet face OD turned down to the diameter of the A-65 tappet face. 1690 Aeronca Lane Fleming Field KSGS South St Paul, MN 55075 Phone : 651-306-1456 Email: [email protected] Ebay Store

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The Ercoupe is one of the simplest, easiest, safest, and most fun airplanes you could want. It's also among the least expensive to buy and fly on the used market today and, despite its age, has a robust parts and owner support network. Some 2,400 Ercoupes are on the FAA registry, and some of them will sell for as low as $10,000 to $18,000.

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[email protected] For Media Contact. Marketing Communications. STC (Changzhou) Co. Ltd. No.19 Xinke Road, Electronic-Technology Park, Changzhou, Jiangsu, China (Zip Code: 213031).

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Category:ERCO Ercoupe. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. Ercoupe. 1937 general aviation aircraft by the Engineering and Research Corporation.STC # SA1-210 - 85 hp STC - for Taylorcraft BC and BC12-D is Finally Available Once Again Certified Aeronautical Products is proud to once again offer the 85 hp STC upgrade for Taylorcraft models BC and BC12D .

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Feb 25, 2012 · Ercoupe 415C Useful Load 429lbs Light Sport paper work GW 1320lbs TTSOH-0 TTAF-3200 New Cleveland Brakes Washer Spacers, Tail Height Increase Gross Weight STC Increase 1320lb New Control Cables New Control Column Bushings Rebuilt Carburetor Rebuilt Nose Gear/New Spring New Oil Temp Gauge New Oil Pressure Gauge New Airspeed Indicator New Exhaust Zero Corrosion, All… Disclaimer. The Taylorcraft Foundation (TF) does not project or accept any responsibility for participation by any Web site or newsletter reader, member, customer, contributor or groupie at any fly-in functions, forums, or events that may be publicized by newsletter, web site, email, email list, sky writing, newsletter or any other method.

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Only when an Ercoupe passed this extensive comparison to applicable specifications and flight performance could it be sold to the first owner. The model and manufacture date serve to identify which ERCO drawings (and revision thereof) on file with the CAA/FAA are applicable.

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Aircraft / Avionics Orders: (800) 447-3408 Radio Control Orders: (877) 219-4489

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The aftermarket upgrades are three-point systems STC’d for Piper PA-23, -24, -28, -30, -32, -34, -39 and -44; common Cessna 100s and 200s, most Beech 33s, 35s, 36s, 55s, 58s and 95s; and the Ercoupe. No, we don’t know how the Ercoupe got into the mix, either. Static systems run $629-$729 per pair of seats. Inertia reel systems are $829-$1029. Always ON with the new stc postpaid voice plans We have simplified our 5G and 4G plans and introduced the new 5G service to take your postpaid voice experience to the next level.

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STC SA01247CH ERCOUPE MAIN LANDING GEAR OLEO RESTORATION KIT. RESTORATION KIT STC SA01247CH ERCOUPE MAIN LANDING GEAR OLEO, AIRCRAFT JACKS -AIRCRAFT BELTS -ERCOUPE MODERNIZATION, The finished assembly is replenished with DOT 3 automotive brake fluid as shown in the Ercoupe Service Manual for Model 415-C aircraft, serial numbers 112 thru 812,ALPHA AVIATION STC KIT - ERCOUPE MAIN LANDING GEAR ... Dec 23, 2016 · Regardless, ERCO heavily advertised the Ercoupe as “The World’s Safest Airplane” based on some of its features (“two-control” design, tricycle landing gear, etc.). The latter really was an innovation that was great for general aviation (ground-looping a tailwheel-equipped aircraft is kind of a rite of passage, and it isn’t fun), but the former probably created a false sense of security.

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I'd like to get a copy of the 30 gallon stc that used to be available through Skyport Services. Please reply to Thanks, Mike. Ercoupe Owners Club - 30 Gallon Stc - Ercoupe Owners Club

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Форум радиолюбителей » СХЕМЫ » РАДИОСОФТ » STC MCU Download Tool (STC ISP) (Прошивальщик МК на 8051 архитектуре.)Jun 11, 2014 · Back of folded brochure. Interestingly, shoulder harnesses were an option in the 1949 Ercoupe. It would be useful to see how they were fastened, since a previously certified installation should be retrofitable to any current 'Coupe without requiring full STC paperwork. buy this Ercoupe Alon A2 at Aircraftbargains.com ! LOGBOOK SUMMARY: 2172 TT, 708 STOH,C90-16F/90HP,Prop McCauley IA105SCM7153 (cruise)No oil leaks-on oil analysis: Solid.

Brackett Aero Filter BA-4106, fits multiple aircraft. 7052 GOVERNMENT WAY KINGMAN, AZ 86401 USA. Phone: 928-757-4009 Fax: 928-757-4433

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Dec 29, 2020 · LSA - LSA - LSA Ercoupe 415C 1530 Hours Total Time, 70 Hours SMOH Become a Coupe (Coup 'e), Fun Airplane to Fly! Was Owned and Maintained by the BEST CFII, Mechanical Engineer I ever knew. ...

ERCOUPE E ELEVATOR INSTALLATION STC KIT This STC was developed in order to improve the handling, landing performance and safety of certain Univair (ERCO) 415-C, -CD, - D aircraft through the installation of the later Model E split elevator Continental C-85/C-90/O-200 Engine Intercylinder Baffles and Oil Tank Baffle Cessna 120/140/140A Purpose and History: Any cooling air that is not forced to contact a cylinder fin as it flows past is wasted energy and wasted The STC is only applicable to one individual aircraft "serial number 3502 ONLY", is only to swap the engine and prop, plus the mods needed to get it to fit and does not result in a new type designation (still a "Univair 415-D", not a "Heusdens Ercoupe"). Pure css speedometerIf not watching the video; I'm prepping this tail from the 1948 Echo model to install on the 1946 Charlie model Ercoupe. The newer tail has improvements that provide some very favorable landing characteristics & the mod has an STC or some have made the change on a field approval. .

STC-Trading Oy on nopea ja luotettava ammattityökalujen maahantuoja. Toimitamme työkaluja jälleenmyyjäverkostomme kautta kaikkialle Suomeen.
Ercoupe. What others are saying. More. A personal web site devoted to Ercoupe airplanes in general and my Ercoupe in particular.Get the best deal for Ercoupe Aviation Engine Parts from the largest online selection at eBay.com. |