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But every time I go over cracks or bumps in the road I hear this rattle coming from the front end. It doesn't happen when I'm going at slow speeds (less than 40km/h). I can reproduce the problem, but am going crazy to figure out what it actually is. I went to the extent of emptying the interior of anything that could produce a rattle and still ...

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Rattle Underneath Car When Going Over Bumps I hear this whenever I'm going over sharp bumps on the rump (e.g. not a speed bump, but things like manhole covers, cracks, railroad tracks, gate tracks, etc) at speed. If you look under the back end of your car near the passenger rear tire, there's a part that bolts up. I got my brakes replaced last year and shortly after, coincidentally I believe, I got a rattle going over bumps and uneven ground. I was missing the bolt that holds up the lines near the passenger tire wheel well. Re-bolted it and no rattle.

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When the rear of my truck goes over bumps it makes a rattle/clunking noise but I can't find where it is coming from.

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Well, after getting my vehicle back, (no repairs made yet), they told me 2 terminals needed to be replaced as well. My vehicle started making a squeaking noise. Like a squeaky bed. And this noise is not only when I go over bumps, just by opening the door, and climbing to the passenger seat, it squeaks. Every single move makes it squeak. Sep 12, 2013 · When I'm driving on regular road is sounds like something is loose at the tires. When i hit a big bumps noise is there, when i go over small bumps noise is there. On the highway you don't hear anything,it runs smooth, just when i get on regular streets is when i hear the rattling. Check the cv axle and it fine.

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Rattling noise coming from rear right side when going over bumps? I recently did a brake job myself and didn't have any problems until this morning when I went to the store. There's a noticeable rattle when going over even the bump to get into my garage. Rear noise and rattles over bumps and rough road. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 7 of 7 Posts. tronfunkinblow · Registered. 2017 Highlander XLE Joined 3 mo ago · 35 ... metal rattle noise in front end when going over bumps Post by chef » 17 Apr 2010, 15:32 Hi guys, recently i've noticed a metaling rattling noise from the front drivers side when going over bumps, i took a look underneith, moved some parts (by hand) and nothing seems outta place.

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Rattle sound is like two metals hit each other. Symptoms: - Noise occurs only the driver side wheel enters a hole or bump. - Sound comes from somewhere between steering wheel and tires (maybe strut mount) - I hear it especially going over small sharp bumps not rounded ones.

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Re: Noise when I go over humps or large bumps Hi there.Had the same sort of problem on my sporting a couple of years ago which nearly drove me bonkers!went through all of the above by process of elimination but still couldnt find out what the prob was.Turned out in the end it was the axel support bracket that was goosed but it was REALY ...

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Jul 28, 2015 · Afternoon Briskys Over the last few days I appear to have acquired a rather annoying noise that seems to be coming from the rear offside wheel area. When I go over uneven bits of road (and lets face it thats a lot of the time) I get a tinny rattle noise from the wheel area. Brake shims are thin layers of rubber or metal that fit between the brake pads and the rotors to correct small imperfections that cause brake noise. They function just like shims in cabinetry: If the kitchen floor of an old house is a little crooked, the cabinet installer will add a couple of thin, wooden shims to level out the cabinets.

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My Fiesta Zetec has developed a metallic sounding rattle when going over bumps. I'm worried something is about to fall off! It sounds like two tin cans rattling together and seems to be coming from the rear driver underside. May 22, 2012 · I have the same issue with the rattle in a 2010 Rogue 360. When I go over bumps, I got a rattle in the rear hatch area. I tried the center trim piece by the hinges and its still there. I removed all the trim pieces from the rear hatchback and removed everything from the trunk and I still got the noise.

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2017 Taco Rattling noise when driving over bumps. Discussion in '3rd Gen. Tacomas (2016+)' started by Lucky Taco 187, Feb 19, 2017. Post Reply. My 2016 Rubicon Hard Rock (9,000 miles) has started something simiiar after driving on a really bumpy road. Sounds like some kind of "Rattle" coming from the bottom of the steering column by the bottom of the instrument cluster. Only happens when going over a really bumpy road or rough bumps. On smooth roads/highways it's silent!

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Jul 24, 2011 · What is causing a rattling noise from my car's rear when going over bumps ? I have a 2005 Mazda 3 and I took it to a shop and they said it was the rear struts. Well, I had them replaced along with the sway bar linkage and I still have the problem.

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front noise when going over bumps or potholes 11 Answers. I have a chevy malibu 2009 lt. when on smooth roads the ride is fine but when I go over bumps and pot holes in the road. There is a thump, rattle sound from the front. The front end of the car is l... Well like stated when I go over bumps at any speed my brake pads (What I think it is anyways, ill explain) rattle and shake and it is very loud, this includes pot holes and even the smallest cracks in the road, it is becoming very irritating.Apr 05, 2010 · I have a 2003 Saab 93 with about 79,000 miles on it. I bought it used last August and I haven't had any real trouble with it since then. I noticed a couple of weeks ago that it rattled sometimes when going over bumps or when I accidentally hit potholes. Today I noticed that the rattling seemed worse, and then at one point it almost sounded like something fell off my car, so I pulled over. It ...

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i have this metal on metal rattle noise in my frontend when i go over rough crap on the road. I first thought my leveling spacers were loose and hitting the shock buckets but i tighted the piss out of them and still rattling, then i thought my shocks were trashed so i replaced them with Bilsteins yesterday but that damn noise is still there!! I'm getting a noise under the middle of the jeep (seems like it may be under the passangers floorboard I checked everything from the exhaust to the seat brackets and can't find a thing... and it's only going over potholes or bumps I hear it.

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I had a rattle / squeak from the front right shock that you could only hear going slowly over speed bumps. Took the car back, I had a faulty shock mount which has been replaced. Silent now. I've read about a few others with the same faulty mounts too ... Hi guys, I am experiencing a wierd rattle when going over bumps on the road. But it doesn't make this sound all of the time, only when the bumps and speed is significant enough. As a result, I retourqed my lug nuts as well as my caliper bolts, and tightened a number of things underneath the...

Put the wheel back on, drove the van, rattle, clunk, rattle again. A 3rd row passenger says the noise is behind the sliding door, kind of in the wheel well. I know it can be hard to locate a noise. It is obviously happening as the van drives over bumps in the road. I don't mean large bumps off road, just normal highway roads make it rattle like ...

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I hear a strange rattling noise when I drive over bumps or uneven pavement under the front side of my 2008 Dodge charger. My 2014 Charger had a rattle up front and it would happen over the smallest of bumps in the road. Come to find out it was the right front inner fender well that was loose.

Has anyone experienced rattle from the back when going over small bumps and cracks on the road? I don't hear it with the windows closed only when open and definitely in the back. Sounds like a loose part rattling.May 09, 2008 · No one can say for sure that whatever is loose will continue to hold together.And,you're right about there are many causes.One very common failure is the sway bar [stabilizer] connecting links.They can appear fine but make lots of noise.Eliminate that possibility by temporarily removing them and driving it over some bumps. I replaced my entire front end chasing the rattling noise slow over bumps, I even replaced the calipers and same thing, what I had to do is use 2 sleeved pins lubed well, make sure that the boot for the pin is packed full of pin grease, what happens is the pin goes in and out and the grease fills the boot, with it full first the grease stays in the pin hole, I also had to use anti brake squeal ... You Know That Noise When You Are Going Over Bumps? That's not Normal. While you won't lose something essential to the chassis or suspension just driving down the road, suspicious noises should be checked out as soon as they are heard. 42a50 job descriptionAppears on choppy road surfaces the Front Left suspension area will make metallic rattling. Usually over chopped / patchy tarmac (not over smooth bumps). Dealer had replaced upper strut mount bearing per TSB but the noise is still there. Have not gone under truck to see if anything obvious... .

i have a 2007 Dodge Charger tha makes rattling noises in the frint end when driving over bumps all the time. Once and a while it pop while turning or taking my foot off the break. Help me. Need this i 2 Answers. Popping noises while turning or taking my foot off the break. Rattling noises in the front end on both sides.
Rattle Noise from the Right Rear Sliding Door While Driving Over Bumps. Note: This bulletin applies to vehicles built on or after December 6, 2012 . and on or before April 30, 2014. Technical Background Rattle noise that sounds like metal against metal coming from the right rear sliding door area while driving over bumps. May 10, 2012 · ALL complaints about noises, rattles, sounds, or anything along those lines goes in this thread, regardless of what engine or body type you have, or where the noise might originate from part wise. There have been way too many noise complaint threads lately. Come on people, it's a sub $20K car, not a Lexus, BMW, or Mercedes. I hear a rattling sound from front end but only over small bumps or pot holes. Going over speed bumps or larger dips I hear nothing. Had the sway bar link bushings replaced yet I still hear the noise. Had the wheels aligned and tire balanced too. At highway speed I get a slight vibration in front end but that’s going over 75.