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If you have been unemployed for more than 10 days since your OPT start date, indicate those dates. To remain in the U.S., you must be actively looking for relevant employment. In order to maintain your visa status, you must limit unemployment while on OPT to a total of 90 days or 150 days if you have been approved for the 24-month OPT extension.

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We ask that you allow 10 business days for processing. Once you receive your OPT Form I-20, you can begin preparing your application for mailing; the OPT application must arrive to the USCIS lockbox within 30 days of the issue date listed on the Form I-20. Your application will be denied if it is received more than 30 days from the issue date. Students can mail complete post-completion OPT applications to USCIS no earlier than 90 days before and no later than 60 days after their Program End Date (the last day of the finals week of the graduating quarter). If USCIS receives an OPT application before or after the window allowed, your application will be denied. If you file your STEM OPT extension application on time and your OPT period expires while your extension application is pending, we will automatically extend your employment authorization for 180 days. This automatic 180-day extension ceases once USCIS adjudicates your STEM OPT extension application.

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• Be authorized for a period of post-completion OPT and have not exceeded 90 days of unemployment. • Be employed or have a job offer (directly related to your field of study) from an employer who is registered in the USCIS E-Verify Program. • Employer completes and signs Form I-983. • File within the required timelines. Note: A total of two

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•OPT application cannot be submitted to USCIS earlier than 90 days before projected completion date on I-20. •It cannot be received by USCIS later than 60 days after actual program completion date. •Allow 2 weeks for IGSS processing of the OPT I-20 request. •Allow at least 90 days for USCIS processing of the OPT application. • OPT I-20 (sign and date the “Student Attestation” section) • If you participated in an internship (CPT), include copies of the CPT I-20s. You will also need to include any previous school (non- Chapman) I -20’s. If you previously did OPT, you will need to include OPT I-20. MAKE COPIES OF EVERYTHING YOU SEND TO USCIS

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Have not exceeded 90 calendar days of unemployment during initial period of post-completion OPT 4. Have job or job offer for at least 20 hours per week of paid employment from an employer enrolled in E-Verify 5. Form I-765 must be received by USCIS before expiration of current Employment Authorization Document (EAD) Section A: Student Information A: No. F-1 students are eligible to apply for post-completion OPT as early as 90 days before the program end date. During this time, the student can continue to finish the thesis/dissertation. During this time, the student can continue to finish the thesis/dissertation.

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Not exceed the allotted 150 days of unemployment time. Students on an OPT STEM Extension are permitted to be unemployed for 60 days in addition to the 90 days allotted for Post-Completion OPT. The maximum period of unemployment allowed is therefore 150 days during the entire 36 month OPT period.

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In the initial 12-month period of OPT available to all F-1 graduates, no more than 90 days of unemployment is permitted. STEM graduates who obtain a 17-month extension of OPT will be granted an additional 30 days of unemployment during the STEM extension for an aggregate of 120 days.

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Unemployment: Students with 24-Month STEM OPT Extensions may have up to 150 days of unemployment during the total OPT period including initial 12-Month and 24-Month STEM OPT Extension period. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement The start date of the 24-month OPT extension will be the day after the end date on your OPT EAD card and the end date will be 24 months later. For example, if my USCIS authorized OPT end date is 06/02/2018, then my STEM start date is 06/03/2018 and the end date will be 06/02/2020. These dates are not flexible. Where can STEM OPT students work?

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Once USCIS receives the application for STEM OPT Extension, the current OPT will be extended for 180 days to allow for the new EAD card to arrive. Students do not need to stop working while waiting for the STEM OPT application to be approved unless the application takes longer than 180 to adjudicate. Periods of unemployment: During your regular OPT you were allowed up to 90 days of unemployment. With STEM OPT you get an additional 30 days for a combined total of 120 days of unemployment during both periods of OPT. If you change your employer during the STEM OPT you may have 10 extra days between jobs that do not count towards the ...

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10. To track the days of unemployment I accumulate. I should not accumulate more than 90 days of unemployment. Accumulation of more than 90 days of unemployment will make me out of status. 11. That within 60 days after my OPT ends, I will inform ISO if I choose to do one of the following: leave the Science and engineering university in Rapid City, South Dakota known for personal attention, affordability, research, and placement in top paying jobs.

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(during the OPT period) Initial post-completion OPT only: Up to 90 days: 90 days: 24-month extension: An additional 60 days: 150 days

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USPS lost my OPT EAD card and I applied for a replacement EAD card. It’s been 70 days but my case is still in process. What should I do if I don’t receive my EAD before my 90 day unemployment period? USPS couldn’t deliver it to my address because of some address issues. So, I requested again twice and USCIS doesn’t send the EAD card back.

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USCIS must receive your application within 30 days of the date your OPT was recommended in SEVIS. ISSS recommends that USCIS receives your application within 25 days of the date the I-20 was issued (the date next to the ISSS staff member’s name on the first page of your new I-20) as a precaution. Students are permitted an additional 60 days of unemployment under the STEM OPT period in addition to the current 90 days of unemployment allowed under the initial 12 month post-completion OPT period; up to 150 days of total unemployment; Off-Campus Employment (including STEM OPT Extension) Must be Directly Related to MIT Degree Field of Study

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USCIS later than 60 days after actual completion date. • Allow 2 weeks for IGSS processing of the OPT I- 20 request. • Allow 90 days for USCIS processing of the OPT application. • OPT period must begin within the 60 days following the Program End Date on the I -20.

Cannot exceed 90 calendar days of unemployment (150 days for 24-month STEM extension); employment travel and periods of authorized leave do not count as unemployment Cannot work during gap between end of semester (pre -completion) or graduation (post- completion) and EAD start date

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USCIS later than 60 days after actual completion date. • Allow 2 weeks for IGSS processing of the OPT I- 20 request. • Allow 90 days for USCIS processing of the OPT application. • OPT period must begin within the 60 days following the Program End Date on the I -20.

Post-completion OPT typically takes at least ninety (90) days to be adjudicated (to know whether your OPT was approved or not by the USCIS). USCIS must receive your OPT request no later than the last date of your grace period sixty (60) days after your program end date). You cannot request OPT once your sixty (60) day grace period has expired. USCIS cannot receive your STEM OPT I-765 earlier than 90 days prior to the end date of your 12 month EAD card, but you can apply for your new I-20 from the ISSO about 90-110 days before the EAD card expiration--this allows ISSO staff some time to process and ship you the I-20 before the 90 day window opens. unemployment days for the entire length of your OPT period up to 150 days. This limit includes any unemployment time you accrued during your initial year of OPT. For example, if you were unemployed a total of 30 days during your first year of OPT, you may accrue a maximum total of 120 days of unemployment while on your STEM Extension. Mec gar cz 75 compact p 01 magazine blue 9mm 14rdsThe limits of unemployment time are 90 days for the first 12-months of OPT and 60 days during the 24-month STEM OPT extension. Accumulating more than 150 days of unemployment during the OPT period is a violation of your immigration status that could result in termination of your practical training. .

Complete OPT applications should be submitted to USCIS no later than 30 days after the issuance of your Form I-20. If you leave the U.S. during the 60 day grace period after completing your degree program and did not apply for OPT, your OPT eligibility will end.
 Has a 60-day grace period at the completion of OPT.  If students use the 90-days of unemployment, there is no grace period.  May be able to extend the EAD card for an additional 24 months of OPT if students meet the extension eligibility requirements and apply in a timely fashion.